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Tennessee State Museum Civil War Touch Screen

touch screen blank panel-title panel

Tennessee State Museum in Nashville, TN needed some professional graphics for their touch screen display for “What Happened to Common People During the Civil War. I designed these graphics and Wallace Braud, a commercial production producer, converted the graphics into

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Fall Chattanooga Cruise-In Flyer

Hand out flyer - day of-proof02-750px

This was a quick flyer for the Fall Chattanooga Cruise-in promoting T-shirts, decals & the open venues.

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Honest Charley Web Site Artwork


I was able to represent the loose, fun hot rod like nature of the original Honest Charley Speed Shop. Each of the drawings are mine as well as the whole concept. Here is the original site:

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Coker Tire “Bucks”

130604-Coker Bills-proof-1

Sales needed $50 Coker “Bucks” to hand out at shows and special events.  

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Chattanooga Cruise-in Flyers

120227-Apr21-Cruise-in Flyer-Feb28--600px

2 Original Flyers to the Chattanooga Cruise-in held at Coker Tire & Honest Charley done in an old single color crusty flyer fashion

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2013 Coker Catalog Icons

2013 Coker Catalog icons-2

These icons were needed to display individual categories in the 2013 Coker Catalog.

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Christmas Party Invite – McCallie School


This invite was for a Christmas social held at the Coker Tire Museum where everyone dressed up in period costumes. I took the photo of the truck on the front. It’s rare when we have snow in Chattanooga.

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Coker Tire Challenge Custom Trophy


I was tasked to come up with a design for a mold that Coker Tire could use each year for 8 trophies awarded at the end of the rally. Shown is the vector art used to generate cutouts in plexiglass

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Universal Christmas Cards


  Christmas cards designed for Universal Vintage Tire company for 2010 and 2011. The 2012 version changed direction to an illustration which you can find in the illustration section.

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Guild Development Web Artwork

Guild Dev 02-coker slider

Artwork was designed and then presented to developer for implementation.

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Blowing Spring Kennel Web Site Artwork

Blowing-Springs-Dev-proof-final-portfolio piece

Blowing Springs Kennel provides professional training and boarding for your dog. Specializing in black labs for hunting, the site needed to have an outdoor woodsman appeal without going straight to the “hunting” feel. The artwork was generated in Photoshop and

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Universal Vintage Tire Catalogs

UVT Catalog 2013-cover-800px

Each year, UVT (Universal Vintage Tire) updates their catalog. I started them with a fresh new design in 2010 and progressed the covers from there. For 2011 and 2012 you’ll notice I instituted a custom wallpaper background by drawing the

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Logo Options for Vintage Motorcycle Tire Line – Phoenix

Phoenix Motorcycle Logo 01

My task was to design a logo for Coker Tire’s new vintage motorcycle brand, Phoenix.  I presented 3 options and made the fateful mistake of presenting one I didn’t like. Guess which one they picked? (murphy’s law, every time)

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Eric Gullet Drag Racing Posters

EG-Poster-Print-final artwork 1
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Great Race Program Book

Great Race 2011 Program Book-final artwork-cover

Displaying the front cover, back cover, and 2 spreads of the 2011 Great Race Program book. The City of Binghamton ad was done by an outside designer. The back cover displays a collage of Coker Group Companies with Coker Tire

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Great Race – Ad, Posters, Decals


Corky bought the Great Race in 2011. We went to work right away to continue the legacy of this great event. All the design and artwork is mine except for the original Great Race logo graphics, including the “Great Race”

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Coker Tire – Tractor Trailer Wrap


Was a fun project. Several discussions were had over which cars to put on the sides of the trailer. I measured the trailer myself before doing the artwork and the installers said my artwork was much more accurate with my

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Coker Tire Auto Service Center Form

110215-CTAS-Inspection Form-final artwork_Page_1-800px

Not a very glamorous design piece, however, I enjoyed the nerdy layout of the grids.

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Coker Group Companies – Magazine Ads 3


More magazine ads for Coker Tire. Again, these involved knowing the separate audiences – classic cars, sports & exotic, and muscle. I came up with the tag lines.

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Coker Group Companies – Magazine ads 2


More Coker Group magazine ads. Same feel, same concept, different cars, different tires.

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Coker Group Companies – Magazine ads

Specialty Wheel Ad - Hot-Rod-Parts-Guide

Keeping me on my toes, Coker Group companies are advertised in several automotive genres.  When designing the ad, if I wasn’t already familiar with the magazine, I would usually read up on it to scope the demographic.

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Honest Charley Speed Shop 32 Ford & Flathead Engine Catalogs

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Wireless Microphones logo

The president of WTS Media wanted to start an electronics web store centered around wireless microphones. This “Mikey” the logo. He’s drawn in a curved fashion to represent liveliness & mobility, usually associated with a wireless mic. The orbital

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Lifeline Logo

LifeLine Logo

My sister-in-law started a ministry for special needs families. She needed a logo, and I happily obliged her. The green lettering represents the color of growth & represents a foundation for growth to happen. The 3 life preservers represent flower

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WTS Media Catalogs

WTS catalog 02-07 cover-800px

During my time at WTS Media, I was tasked with designing the quarterly catalog. Here are 2 cover pieces from 2007. I usually tinted the cover with a color representing the corresponding season, blue for winter, green for spring, red

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WTS Duplication Digipak


WTS Duplication needed a digipak promo to represent the replication & packaging capabilities of the company.

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Universal Vintage Tire “Ollie” Web Buttons

Whitewall Cleaner 01

Universal Vintage Tire needed a character for small reminder buttons on their web site. I obliged them with “Ollie”. Each drawing is freehand with a very small amount of tracing with the tube & tire.

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