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Honest Charley Store Front T-shirt


Another Honest Charley t-shirt design. Our marketing director suggested showing off the iconic front facade of Honest Charley Speed Shop. I obliged this good idea.

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Coker Tire Challenge t-shirt 2013

CTC 2012 t-shirt final

Wanted to show a “Corky” like character pondering life just before he hops into his 1937 Buick Shafer and roars off into the sunset.

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Great Race 2013 Driver – Navigator t-shirt


The 2013 Great Race traveled from St. Paul, MN to Mobile, AL along the Mississippi river. I chose to represent this on the t-shirt through this illustration.

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2013 Coker Catalog Icons

2013 Coker Catalog icons-2

These icons were needed to display individual categories in the 2013 Coker Catalog.

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Boos, Brews & Booze web banner

Boos-Brewz & Booze - double-d-top-web banner-portfolio

Chattanooga Double Decker came to me to illustrate a banner for their upcoming Boos, Brews, and Booze tours in downtown Chattanooga.

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Christmas Card Universal Vintage Tire 2012


Went with a different approach for the 2012 card and decided to fully illustrate it. Here is the front cover and the front/back spread.

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Honest Charley Icons


Various Honest Charley images for use in catalogs & web.

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Corky Coker Caricature

Coker Face 09a

Corky Coker wanted a likeness of himself to be used in an icon fashion.  After working on the thick line vector version, he enjoyed the sketched version much more.

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Honest Charley Garage Map

Honest Charley Garage 01

This map was requested for browsers to view the Honest Charley Garage – drawn in a fun loose cartoon way to reflect the manner of the original Honest Charley & the way he drew cartoon items in his catalog.

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Honest Charley T-Shirt Line

Lowering Standards - Honest Charley T-Shirt

T-shirt line for Honest Charley – combination of tracing & drawing

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Lookout Monster Logo

LM Logo - no subtext

Local coupon site needed an identity. This look was the dream of the owners – a monster coming out of Lookout Mtn representing Chattanooga.

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“Smoke ’em” T-shirt

Smoke-em-t-shirt - Final

Corky wanted the famous Double Exposure doing a burnout on a t-shirt – Sketching & straight vector illustration – The writing on the side of the car was traced off a profile photo & then bent into position.

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Illustrated Icons for Contact at Once Web Site

CAO Web -Icons-300px-wm
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Universal Vintage Tire “Ollie” Web Buttons

Whitewall Cleaner 01

Universal Vintage Tire needed a character for small reminder buttons on their web site. I obliged them with “Ollie”. Each drawing is freehand with a very small amount of tracing with the tube & tire.

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Side Profile and Tread Tire Illustrations


Side profile and tread tire illustrations used for various graphic purposes at Coker Tire.

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Glidden Tour Chattanooga

120924-CTC-Glidden Tour Director-Sep24-final-720px

Artwork representing Chattanooga for the 2013 Glidden Tour of antique cars – all in Illustrator.

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Dynamo of Dixie T-shirt

Power Tour t-shirt 2010-final-proof

Dynamo of Dixie t-shirt for Hot Rod Power Tour local stop.

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Hot Rodder Toddler T-shirt


One of my ideas for a cruise-in t-shirt benefiting disabled children. Included is one of the original sketches.

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Tire Cut-Away


Tire cut-away illustrations were needed to explain the differences including the stress loads between bias-ply and radial tires. Although there are a number of tire cut-away illustrations out there, we needed are own custom drawings.

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Coker Tire Challenge 2012 T-shirt

CTC 2012 t-shirt final-cropped-900px

The Coker Tire Challenge is a small speed, time endurance rally in Chattanooga which is obviously hosted by Coker Tire. I have been tasked to design the t-shirt for the last few rallies.

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Chattanooga Cruise-In T-Shirt Illustrations


T-shirt artwork for Coker Tire & Honest Charley’s  cruise-ins. All artwork done in Illustrator. Hot rods, building, and mountain were drawn from scratch – no tracing.

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Bicycle Fork to Hub Illustration


Fork to hub illustration for a bicycle instruction manual which already possessed illustrated diagrams. Photo was taken & this artwork was traced manually (did not use the trace tool) in Illustrator over the photo.

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Chattanooga Scale Modelers Logo

Hobby club logo 04-color-no-year-01

A logo I drew for the local model-kit hobby club. I designed this to be like bomber nose art depicting a pilot with his modeler’s paintbrush & xactor knife riding his tube of glue in the same manner as Slim

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Taxi Cartoon Illustration

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Coker Tire Bathroom Images


Custom illustrated images were needed for the Coker Tire Museum. Since Coker Tire specializes in tires for antique cars, I figured a little retro was in order.

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